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Fortitude - Libido Support

Fortitude - Libido Support

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Fortitude was formulated to mimic the effects of PDE-5 inhibitors. PDE-5 inhibitors are the classic Erectile Dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis. Make no mistake, Fortitude will not replace a prescription for the blue pill, but will punch above its weight class giving most men a notable boost in erection quality and frequency, regardless of if they are on PDE-5 Inhibitors already. 

Fortitude contains potent vasodilators, so beyond increasing erection quality, it’s possible to increase muscular performance and endurance and increase vascularity throughout the body.

The serving size is 4 Capsules. For men on PDE-5 inhibitors currently, start with a half dose of Fortitude to make sure you don’t have any adverse effects. While uncommon, low blood pressure events can happen when taking high doses of PDE-5 Inhibitors without other vasodilators.

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